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Frequently Asked Question's

  • How does Stuttie work?
    We have students all over the world. We actively recruit tutors, our students add jobs and tutors bid for those jobs. Students then choose the best tutor with the best price.
  • Is Stuttie Free for Tutors?
    Yes, Stuttie is 100% free for Tutors, we don't charge you anything to use our services. Simply register and start bidding for jobs.
  • How does Stuttie make money?
    Good Question, Like all business we need to generate revenue. We charge 20% commission for all lessons, this includes credit card processing fees.
  • How do Tutors get Paid?
    Another Good Question, Simply add your Paypal email address in your profile and when lessons are completed and payment is made, we will transfer the money to your account.
  • How much can I charge?
    We don’t tell Tutors what to charge, it's up to the individual tutor. If a tutor feels they can charge $60 per hour then that’s their rate.
  • How should I charge?
    We suggest you start at $10 per hour, if you get good reviews and students give you good feedback then you can increase your rate.
  • As this is part-time, is it acceptable to you if I take up other jobs (other than Stuttie )?
    Yes, it is okay to take other jobs while working with Stuttie .
  • Do tutors respond by video chat or by text to student's questions assigned to them?
    You can use our forum, chat, messenger, video conferencing tool, or email and whatsapp is perfectly fine.
  • Are there any terms and conditions for interaction with Students?
    Yes, please read our terms and conditions here