Hourly Rate: USD $16.00

Ty Moodley

I have 3 degrees in Computer Science, Accounting, and Cyber Security. I have over 20 years of Business and Software Development Experience.

Hourly Rate: USD $10.00

Muhammad Ibrahim

I am an IT professional by profession. I did my Masters Degree in Computer Sciences.

Hourly Rate: USD $20.00

Angad Singh Chopra

Hi my name is Angad Singh Chopra. I had 3 years of teaching experience. My way of teaching will really help my students to learn in visualize .

Hourly Rate: USD $12.00

Pritish Panda

Graduate in Electrical and Electronics Engg.. First in class in Engg. Maths, Optimization Engg.. IT expert by profession. Web Researcher. Photography.

Hourly Rate: USD $10.00

Danya Carla Maree

Hey, I'm Danya! I'm a chemical engineering masters student, and I love to teach Maths, Science and Computer Technology part-time.

Hourly Rate: USD $10.00

Raed Kridly

Hello my name is Raed Kridly I am a Mechatronics Engineer from the Lebanese American University

Hourly Rate: USD $12.00


Enthusiastic Engineer eager to contribute to team success through hard work, attention to detail and excellent organizational skills.

Hourly Rate: USD $15.00

Ivan Kabadzhov

I am BSc CS student. I have experience as a Teach. Assistant. I have participated in several math olympiads in highschool. It is my pleasure to help.

Hourly Rate: USD $10.00


I am from an Engineering background with passion on Mathematics and related fields. Wish to teach and learn through the sessions I am about to handle.

Hourly Rate: USD $10.00


Want to pursue a challenging role in a prestigious organization with prospects of learning and growth in order to utilize my capabilities