Hourly Rate: USD $16.00

Ty Moodley

I have 3 degrees in Computer Science, Accounting, and Cyber Security. I have over 20 years of Business and Software Development Experience.

Hourly Rate: USD $50.00

CCC Ed.Tech LLC.

For years, we've been educating. K-12 and adult learners.

Hourly Rate: USD $15.00

Amr Usama Abourayya

BSc in Civil Engineering and MSc in Mathematical Modelling in Engineering

Hourly Rate: USD $12.00

Pritish Panda

Graduate in Electrical and Electronics Engg.. First in class in Engg. Maths, Optimization Engg.. IT expert by profession. Web Researcher. Photography.

Hourly Rate: USD $10.00

Dewin Sikalumbi

Intrinsically motivated with 6 years of teaching elementary, 5 years teaching Business Studies at High School, and 5 years teaching at University.

Hourly Rate: USD $10.00

Hardness Range

Hardness Range is a co-founder of Nipe Kitabu Initiative, an educational based project, an innovator, and curious, charming teacher

Hourly Rate: USD $10.00

Mr Joshua Njoroge

I am really passionate on what I do and getting a positive outcome is my joy

Hourly Rate: USD $10.00

Omotayo Ajayi

A graduate of Accounting with an additional teaching qualification in Mathematics & Economics. Experienced in the UK (IGCSE) and the int'l curriculum.

Hourly Rate: USD $20.00

Harshita Chaudhary

Experienced middle school tutor with more than 5yrs of Experience. Major subjects - English, Maths and Science. Enthusiastic about teaching.

Hourly Rate: USD $13.00

John Booyens

I know that successful students become successful adults. I am extremely passionate about Maths and sharing my knowledge with young adults.