Hourly Rate: USD $16.00

Ty Moodley

I have 3 degrees in Computer Science, Accounting, and Cyber Security. I have over 20 years of Business and Software Development Experience.

Hourly Rate: USD $20.00

Angad Singh Chopra

Hi my name is Angad Singh Chopra. I had 3 years of teaching experience. My way of teaching will really help my students to learn in visualize .

Hourly Rate: USD $10.00

Daniel Ngosa

I am a male aged 23 from Zambia. Teaching and accounting is my profession, i am specialised in teaching maths, english and chemistry.

Hourly Rate: USD $10.00

Danya Carla Maree

Hey, I'm Danya! I'm a chemical engineering masters student, and I love to teach Maths, Science and Computer Technology part-time.

Hourly Rate: USD $12.00

Soroush Oskouei

I am an engineer and a researcher with many years of experience in teaching.

Hourly Rate: USD $25.00

Victor Adegbite

I am a 21st century Mathematics teacher with 21 years teaching experience. I have special ability discover and overcome weaknesses in Mathematics.

Hourly Rate: USD $10.00

Vasilisa Mijuskovic

I am student on third year of Faculty of Electrical Engineering on University of Montenegro with extensive experience in teaching and youth activities

Hourly Rate: USD $10.00

Adedotun Ajibare

My name is a Adedotun, I am a passionate teacher.

Hourly Rate: USD $30.00

Tyrone Moodley

I have 3 degrees in Computer Science, Cyber Security, and Accounting.

Hourly Rate: USD $39.00

Sakhi Sifunza

I am a qualified IT specialist. I'm a mathematics tutor part-time, helping mostly high-school students with strategy to excel in their exams and tests